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Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation)

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation)

Play music, control your lights & heating and get answers to all your questions, from the comfort of your new bed. Just ask Alexa.

Alexa, the perfect bedside companion.

With its stylish and compact design, the third generation Amazon Echo Dot is a voice-controlled smart speaker with Alexa, that's perfect for the bedroom (or any room). Just relax and ask Alexa to play your favourite music track (the integrated speaker is surprisingly powerful), or tune in for the latest news. You can even call and chat to anyone you know who has an Echo device or the Alexa App.

And if you happen to live in a smart home, with the Echo Dot you can switch on the light before getting out of bed or control the heating without lifting a finger. In fact you can control multiple devices with a single voice command, like locking the doors and turning off the lights at night. The Echo Dot is compatible with most smart home devices.

Fitbit Alta HR Fitness & sleep tracker

Fitbit Alta HR Fitness & sleep tracker

Keep track of your fitness levels and monitor your sleep patterns in incredible detail.

Set your fitness goals and learn to sleep better.

The Fitbit Alta HR wristband with a built-in heart rate monitor helps you to keep track of your fitness. It monitors how many steps you've taken during the day, the distance covered, and how many calories you've burned. But when it comes to your health it’s not all about your waking hours.

Sleep affects every part of life. It can help you perform at your best, stay productive and improve your mood. So if you want to make the most of your day, start by improving your night.

Each night, the body goes through different sleep stages: light sleep, deep sleep and REM. Using its heart rate and sensitive motion detectors, the Fitbit Alta measures time spent in each sleep stage, including your time awake, so you can review it with the Fitbit app later. This makes it easy for you to understand your sleep patterns and learn whether you spend enough time in each sleep stage.

A nice touch with the Fitbit Alta HR is the silent alarm, which vibrates at the specified time. This is handy if you have a partner with a different waking time.

Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150

Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150

Sleep better and wake up brighter to the light of a lifelike natural sunrise.

Go to sleep and wake up naturally.

The Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 is an alarm clock that mimics the light and colour of a real sunrise so when you open your eyes you feel properly awake and refreshed. Waking like this helps to regulate your sleep-wake cycle and has even been shown to boost mood, energy and productivity levels for the rest of the day.

This wonderful alarm concept uses advanced LED technology to produce smooth changes of light and colour for a lovely, realistic sunrise and sunset. It’s adjustable too, so you can choose the duration of the sunset and sunrise, vary the light intensity of the sunrise alarm and add complementary sleep and wake sounds to suit your mood. You can fall asleep to the gentle rhythm of rolling waves... then wake to a bright sunrise filled with tropical birds or bleating goats, for a truly natural start to the day.